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Nan Goldin - serie: Gilles Dusein and Gotscho, 1992-1993


Photographer captures the moment he tells his family he has AIDS

Seattle-based photographer Adrain Chesser used his camera to bravely capture the exact moment his world irreversibly changed. When Chesser learned he was HIV positive and was diagnosed with AIDS, he called his family and friends into his studio for a private shoot. As each person was then given the news of Chesser’s diagnosis, he photographed their reaction for his project “I Have Something To Tell You.”

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Joseph Kosuth, Five Words in Green Neon, (1965).


Joseph Kosuth, Five Words in Green Neon, (1965).

My mother learned
the english language
so when she spoke,
others would listen.

When she cries,
I hear her
native tongue.

When she cries,
I know how long
she has been silent.

—||  Maza-Dohta  (via maza-dohta)

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Andrew Putter: Native Work (Capetown, South Africa)

Gallery Statement:

This new installation comprises 21 black-and-white photographs of contemporary black Capetonians….

very important

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